O’Reilly Obama Interview Body Language Analysis – Part 3 – IRS Scandal

We saved the best for last.  The last topic in the O’Reilly interview with Obama was the IRS scandal.  There are some real doozies here. After analyzing Obama’s body language through the years, I can tell that he receives coaching on his body language.  He is a good student, because he has made some obvious changes. First, he listens to the question with his lips slightly parted.  This keeps him from making faces, tightening his lips and clenching his jaw.  He used to make faces a lot.  He still does when caught off guard.  Now, he tries to show no expression at all (like a poker player).  And just like a poker player, sometimes no expression, or stone-faced, is a sign of hiding something (true feelings) or outright lying.

Second, he keeps his head down.  He used to throw his head back and “look down his nose” at the interviewer.  You don’t have to be a body language specialist to know that when someone looks down their nose, it is seen as arrogant, haughty, above others.  He still does that, but not as often.  One time in this video, he throws his head up as a defensive move.

Obama has a signature look at the end of his thought or sentence.  This “look” reveals what he thinks about what he just said.  If I just pieced those looks together, you would see what he thinks about this interview.   He is annoyed, angry, tired of Bill, feels contempt, slightly amused that he is pulling one over, nervous, and floating ideas to see if they stick.

Third, he uses his hands to deflect questions and intimidate.  O’Reilly answers back with his hands.  If you listen to the body language and not the words in these segments, it would sound like:  stop, stop, stop talking, no you stop, no you, stop, stop, I said stop.  I have to turn the body language down and listen to the faces and words in those clips.

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One Response to O’Reilly Obama Interview Body Language Analysis – Part 3 – IRS Scandal

  1. I like that you examined the body language more than the actual words. That’s an interesting way of looking at things, and seems to say more than the words that was said. The idea that each person was actually just telling the other to stop talking is fantastic! I think it speaks volumes to the level of communication going on between people right now. Thanks for sharing your analysis!!

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