What Do Sharon Bialek, Mariah Yeater and Jerice Hunter Have In Common?

November 15, 2011

As I watched the video of Jerice Hunter’s interview with KPHO Ch 5’s reporter Donna Rossi in Phoenix, I realized she had something in common with two other faces in the news, Mariah Yeater and Sharon Bialek.  Jerice is the Mother of missing 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley in Glendale, Arizona.    Mariah Yeater accused Justin Bieber of being her baby daddy.   Sharon Bialek accused Herman Cain, Republican candidate for president, of making unwanted sexual advances by trying to slide past first base.

They all flash moments of duping delight in their interviews.  Duping delight is a term coined by Dr. Paul Eckman a leading researcher on deception.  According to Eckman, “duping delight is the pleasure we get over having someone else in our control and being able to manipulate them”.  Some people get a thrill from lying and getting away with it.  You see examples of duping delight at a poker table.  If a player thinks he has a winning hand, he will flash a brief smile as he watches the other players throw money in the pot.  Sometimes, this smile happens in a fraction of a second.  The following video is my analysis of Jerice Hunter’s interview with KPHO reporter Donna Rossi.   Included are examples from Mariah Yeater and Sharon Bialek’s interviews.

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