Body language: Experts reveal what our postures, gestures say

February 18, 2014
By Sue DoerflerThe Republic |
Tue Feb 18, 2014 4:27 PM

A smile is worth a thousand unsaid words. So is a glance to the left or to the right. A squint of the eye. A crossing of the feet. A firm or a limp handshake.

Your body language reveals almost everything about you. It conveys whether you are happy, confident or friendly. It shows whether you are nervous, uncomfortable, under stress, hiding a secret or lying.

“Body language is totally spontaneous,” expert Renate Mousseux said. “Sixty-five percent of anything you say comes across with body language. That’s huge.”

This non-verbal form of communication, which often is more expressive than words, can impact your personal and professional lives. It can be empowering. It can make a difference in a job interview — and in personal relationships.

If it’s an interview, you should walk into the room erectly with a purposeful, not sluggish, step to indicate you want to be taken seriously, said Julie Theroux, a former Valley resident who has written several books on face reading. Shake hands firmly but don’t hold on too long.

When you sit down, cross your legs at the ankles in front of you and keep your hands open on your lap for a positive effect.

If you wrap your feet around the chair, it often mean you are hiding something or are tense. Keeping your hands behind you indicates you’re not interested, said Mousseux, a Fountain Hills resident who has studied human expression. A retired teacher turned body-language consultant, she now gives seminars and talks on the subject.

Phoenix life coach Ginger Korljan, however, says not to obsess about your body language during an interview, “or you won’t come across as you.”

Korljan, whose website is, recommends smiling more than you think you should during the interview and to practice ahead.

Have a friend ask you questions and critique your actions, she said. If you can’t find anyone to help you, stand or sit in front of a mirror and watch your face and body movements.

Body language can be telling on a witness stand. If giving testimony, don’t touch your nose, which could indicate you are saying something untruthful. Biting both lips at the same time indicates you are keeping a secret, said Theroux, whose website is

Body language can start, stop or keep a relationship going. If you are playing the dating game, Theroux has advice:

“A lot of times with men and women, you see them lick their lips,” Theroux said. “It means they’re interested.” Other indicators include a coy sideways glance, leaning forward to listen to what you are saying and looking you in the eye.

If they look away when you are talking, well, perhaps you should change the subject.

“If somebody pulls on an earlobe, they want to hear more,” Theroux said. But it can also mean they aren’t sure about what is being said or that it affects them negatively, she added.

Body language can change the mood of another person.

“If somebody comes in with a bad mood, they can influence everyone around them to have a bad mood,” said Mousseux, whose website is On the other hand, if others exhibit positive body actions, they can influence the cranky person to feel better, she said.

Even the length of time of a body movement can be telling.

“Every expression should be eight seconds,” Mousseux said. “If it’s longer, it’s fake. A smile that is more than eight seconds is fake.” A lip-curling or smirking smile, or one that is dramatically uneven, also is phony.

“The left side is always the honest side,” Mousseux said, explaining that a person looking up and to the left is trying to connect to the artistic side of the brain.

Although body language is telling, it doesn’t always reveal the whole story. When observing someone’s movements, it’s important to consider the whole body, not just a single gesture, Mousseux said.

“Assess somebody from top to toe,” she said. For example, if someone is crossing his or her arms, don’t assume the person is being negative or closed off to what you are saying. This stance can also indicate a bad back, Mousseux said.

There is, however, one action that is universally telling.

“A smile is so cheap,” Mousseux said. “It’s the best communication you can have anywhere in the world. A smile creates wonders. And it’s so easy.”

What your body says about you

Blinking. “If somebody blinks fast, that usually means they’re uncomfortable with a topic,” said body-language expert Renate Mousseux.

She has been known to count the number of blinks candidates make during presidential debates.

Eye-rolling. If you are talking with someone who rolls his eyes, he doesn’t believe what you are saying.

Nose-touching. If the person talking to you touches her nose, she may be lying. (She also could be scratching because her nose itches.) If you are discussing something important, be sure to ask more questions or delve deeper to get to the truth, recommends face-reading expert Julie Theroux.

Lip-biting. When someone bites the top and bottom lips at the same time, he is keeping a secret.

Pencil-tapping. This action indicates that the person is trying to recall something.

Squinting. If someone squints while you are talking, he doesn’t trust what you are saying. In this case, ask whether he needs more information or clarity, Theroux said.

Copycat actions. If someone mimics your body language, she is trying to develop a familiarity or common ground. This can be beneficial during a job interview, Mousseux said.

Hands in pocket. This person is not receptive to what you are saying.

Handshakes. A close, tight handshake indicates confidence and self-awareness. If you want to indicate power, put your hand on top. A person who shakes too hard will dictate your life, Mousseux said.

“A nice, firm handshake, web to web, is what it should be,” she said.

Hair touching. If someone does this while talking, he is trying to calm himself.

Stroking the neck. Like hair touching, this is called an adapter. It is an indicator that the person is trying to reduce stress.

O’Reilly Obama Interview Body Language Analysis – Part 3 – IRS Scandal

February 5, 2014

We saved the best for last.  The last topic in the O’Reilly interview with Obama was the IRS scandal.  There are some real doozies here. After analyzing Obama’s body language through the years, I can tell that he receives coaching on his body language.  He is a good student, because he has made some obvious changes. First, he listens to the question with his lips slightly parted.  This keeps him from making faces, tightening his lips and clenching his jaw.  He used to make faces a lot.  He still does when caught off guard.  Now, he tries to show no expression at all (like a poker player).  And just like a poker player, sometimes no expression, or stone-faced, is a sign of hiding something (true feelings) or outright lying.

Second, he keeps his head down.  He used to throw his head back and “look down his nose” at the interviewer.  You don’t have to be a body language specialist to know that when someone looks down their nose, it is seen as arrogant, haughty, above others.  He still does that, but not as often.  One time in this video, he throws his head up as a defensive move.

Obama has a signature look at the end of his thought or sentence.  This “look” reveals what he thinks about what he just said.  If I just pieced those looks together, you would see what he thinks about this interview.   He is annoyed, angry, tired of Bill, feels contempt, slightly amused that he is pulling one over, nervous, and floating ideas to see if they stick.

Third, he uses his hands to deflect questions and intimidate.  O’Reilly answers back with his hands.  If you listen to the body language and not the words in these segments, it would sound like:  stop, stop, stop talking, no you stop, no you, stop, stop, I said stop.  I have to turn the body language down and listen to the faces and words in those clips.

© 2014 Julie Theroux, All Rights Reserved

Biggest Loser Winner, Rachel Fredrickson’s Extreme Weight Loss Causes Extreme Reactions

February 5, 2014

The winner of season 15 of The Biggest Loser, 24-year-old Rachel Fredrickson, won the competition by losing 155 pounds, a.k.a. 59.62% of her body weight.

But during her big reveal, her appearance had altered so much that even the trainers and other contestants were SHOCKED. Watch their expressions…..

Bob’s reaction turned from shock and surprise to ANGER.  He was mad at what he saw.  Jillian took more time to process.  She showed shock and surprise and exclaimed, “oh my God!”  She didn’t move.  She clasped her hands together and didn’t clap.   She blinked hard (as if to erase the image and start over).  When she opened her eyes, her face changed – she showed an extreme emotion.  Watch the video and see if you can name that emotion.

The other contestants had similar reactions.  Tanya (standing behind Jillian), couldn’t hide her look of surprise, sadness and disgust.  During the initial reveal, any time the camera focused on the other contestants, many of them had their hand covering their mouth (keeping words in, can’t speak).

© 2014 Julie Theroux, All Rights Reserved

O’Reilly Obama Interview Body Language Analysis – Part 2 – Benghazi

February 3, 2014

The second part of the O’Reilly – Obama Super Bowl Sunday interview was about Benghazi.  Watch Obama’s body language as he deflected the questions from O’Reilly:

© 2014 Julie Theroux, All Rights Reserved

O’Reilly Obama Interview Body Language Analysis – Part 1 – Obamacare Rollout

February 3, 2014

Bill O’Reilly’s Super Bowl interview of President Obama was the third such session.  The first was in 2008.  The second meeting was another Super Bowl Interview in 2011.   I analyzed Obama’s body language and facial expressions in that Super Bowl interview.

In this most recent interview, O’Reilly devoted his time to three topics, the Obamacare rollout, the attacks on the U.S. facilities in Benghazi and the IRS targeting.  In these videos, I analyze Obama’s body language and facial expressions as he answers O’Reilly’s questions.  In this first video, the topic is Obamacare.

© 2014 Julie Theroux, All Rights Reserved

Smug In His Mug(shot) – Justin Bieber Is Headed For Disaster

January 27, 2014

Justin Bieber’s mugshot showed that he was “smug in his mug”.  After looking at his mugshot, I wonder if he even remembers getting arrested.  Does he think he is above the law?  Look at his eyes!  The eyes are the window to the soul and his soul is sick.  I mean, the physical type of sick where he is damaging his system.  He’s young, and after pouring all this crap into his body, he is paying the price.  Specifically, his face shows he  could be seriously affecting his gall bladder, kidneys, liver and lungs.  It’s no wonder that Usher is on his way to Panama for a supposed “intervention”.

Justin Bieber is happy and glassy-eyed

Justin Bieber is happy and glassy-eyed

You might have heard that young people’s brains don’t finish developing until mid-20′s.   Remember the old commercial showing the fried egg hitting the hot fry pan and making the sizzling burning noise?  The announcer says, “this is your brain on drugs”.  

This is your brain on drugs

This is your brain on drugs

That could describe Bieber’s brain right now, sizzling away, losing brain cells daily.   He does need an intervention, but has he put up a stone wall?  Is it too late?  It is if he doesn’t think he has a problem.  His smug mug shows he is enjoying his life and doesn’t want to change.

© 2014 Julie Theroux, All Rights Reserved

Interesting: 4 signs you may have heart disease

November 8, 2012

By Joseph Brownstein   Published November 06, 2012


A bald patch on the top of your head or a small vertical crease in your earlobe may seem like relatively harmless signs of aging, but a new study says signs like these may signal an increased risk of heart disease.

Danish researchers found that people were 39 percent more likely to have heart disease, and 57 percent more likely to have a heart attack, if they had at least three of these four signs: baldness on top of the head, receded hairline, a crease in the earlobe, and fatty deposits on the eyelids known as xanthelasmata.

The researchers accounted for people’s ages in their results.

Read more:

Face Reading Obama and Romney

November 5, 2012

by:  Nadine Bubeck    November 5, 2012

When I first started in TV, I was told to study manicured reporters and anchors, watching them on mute.  This way, I’d learn the magic of on-air body language—how they successfully accomplish nonverbal communication.

I like to apply this to politics, particularly during the elections.  Trust me, muting the V.P. debate for a few minutes was quite entertaining.  It’s interesting to see how candidates nonverbally react when under fire and under pressure.

So I was obviously intrigued when I met Julie Theroux, an expert in physical psychology.  The Valley woman is a self-proclaimed body reader.  Read more here:


What Do Sharon Bialek, Mariah Yeater and Jerice Hunter Have In Common?

November 15, 2011

As I watched the video of Jerice Hunter’s interview with KPHO Ch 5′s reporter Donna Rossi in Phoenix, I realized she had something in common with two other faces in the news, Mariah Yeater and Sharon Bialek.  Jerice is the Mother of missing 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley in Glendale, Arizona.    Mariah Yeater accused Justin Bieber of being her baby daddy.   Sharon Bialek accused Herman Cain, Republican candidate for president, of making unwanted sexual advances by trying to slide past first base.

They all flash moments of duping delight in their interviews.  Duping delight is a term coined by Dr. Paul Eckman a leading researcher on deception.  According to Eckman, “duping delight is the pleasure we get over having someone else in our control and being able to manipulate them”.  Some people get a thrill from lying and getting away with it.  You see examples of duping delight at a poker table.  If a player thinks he has a winning hand, he will flash a brief smile as he watches the other players throw money in the pot.  Sometimes, this smile happens in a fraction of a second.  The following video is my analysis of Jerice Hunter’s interview with KPHO reporter Donna Rossi.   Included are examples from Mariah Yeater and Sharon Bialek’s interviews.

© 2011 Julie Theroux, All Rights Reserved

KPHO 5 News: Body Language Expert Analyzes Jerice Hunter

November 15, 2011

KPHO CBS Channel 5

Updated: Monday, 14 Nov 2011, 6:20 AM MST
Published : Monday, 14 Nov 2011, 6:20 AM MST

PHOENIX:  Julie Theroux, a body language expert, gave her opinion on Jerice Hunter

© 2011 Julie Theroux, All Rights Reserved

KPHO 5 News: Body Language Exert Analyzes Cain/Bialek Statements

November 14, 2011


Updated: Monday, 14 Nov 2011, 5:20 AM MST
Published : Monday, 14 Nov 2011, 5:20 AM MST

PHOENIX:   Julie Theroux, a body language expert, gave her opinion on who she thinks is telling the truth – Herman Cain or Sharon Bialek.


Herman Cain’s body language analysis:  

Herman Cain denied Bialek’s accusations at a press conference in Phoenix.   He showed signs of stress, annoyance and frustration, but he was not being deceptive in his statement.   He had normal eye contact and connected with the audience, he spoke smoothly and confidently, his voice didn’t waiver.  He held his palms up, indicating he  didn’t have anything to hide. His lip licking was a stress signal.  Other nonverbal signs of stress and anger were his clenched fists, increased blink rate and pushing his hands outward in response to a reporters question.

© 2011 Julie Theroux, All Rights Reserved

Sharon Bialek Using Her Hair To Cover Up?

November 8, 2011

Prior to the press conference when Sharon Bialek accused Herman Cain of unwanted sexual advances, a reporter asked Sharon Bialek to brush her hair back and uncover the left side her face.  She said no, she just had her hair done.  Her hair covered most of the left side of her face.

In face reading, the left side of a person’s face reveals information about one’s personal life and personal relationships.   It is known as your personal side.  The right side of the face is your business side.  Using her hair to cover the left side of her face , especially her eye, means she is attempting to hide her personal side.  Her body language in this video, also shows she is concealing something.  Herman Cain’s statement of denial was analyzed by a voice lie detector software program in this article from CBS Atlanta, and the results were “he’s being truthful, totally truthful”.  The article goes on to say that Sharon Bialek’s analysis showed she was not telling the truth.

After listening to her statement and watching her body language,  it’s obvious this one-eyed fabulist has her one business eye set on exploiting her fifteen minutes.

All-Star Face Reading

July 11, 2011

Television personality and columnist Nadine Toren is scouring the area, finding savvy Valley features, bringing readers “on the scene.” Every day she’ll introduce you to celebrities, athletes, and give you an inside look into local events and hot spots. She’ll touch on topical issues, and keep AZ fans posted on all the big talkers around town.
all_starWant to sport A-list qualities?  Here’s how you can capture celeb charisma andcharm.Arizona is clear into All Star Season.  Our fabulous state is hosting the hottest thing that annually happens to baseball, as sporty celebs and A-list actors flood the Valley for MLB’s All Star Game.So it got me thinking: what makes a star shine?There’s simply something special about celebrities–the way they look, their aura, and how they carry themselves.  No matter the famous individual’s shape or size, each tends to radiate a unique form of confidence, and there has to be a secret to stealing some of those A-list qualities.

That’s why I reached out to Arizona’s Julie Theroux, a famed face reader.

“A person’s face is like an open book; you can read their entire personality profile,” said Theroux.

I know it sounds a little out there, but Theroux says your facial structure and expressions says quite a lot about the person you are–and celebs tend to flaunt similar features.

Consider this. She claims those with chiseled, square faces are fairly direct, determined, and have a drive for success.  Just take a look at our former Arizona Diamondback, Luis Gonzalez.  Just by looking at his picture, Theroux says his face shape and strong jawline exemplify self confidence.  The charisma illustrated in his face (among many other celebs) means they’re assertive and not regularly intimidated.

“These people are often endearing, easily capturing the heart of anyone they meet,” she said.

And look at newscasters.  Theroux believes many broadcast journalists tend to have a large lower lip matched with a thin upper lip.  That means these specifically-lipped people are charming, convincing, and have a way with connecting to others.

“If you closely examine big-name politicians and actors, you’ll notice many of them have these types of lips as well.”

But the face isn’t the only factor when it comes to capturing celebrity charm.

Theroux says A-listers also flaunt a certain type of body language.

“They have a way with making their eyes sparkle.”

Top notch celebs are known for making great eye contact, a key practice in good non-verbal communication.  They also have a way with working their body–especially during interviews.  Theroux says stars are very much naturally aware of leaning into you, opening themselves up, and portraying an inviting persona.

“Celebrities are very precise about the way they move.”

Especially when they walk.

Theroux says celebs simply know how to carry themselves–just look at the way Brad and Angie strut their stuff.  The two can commonly be found standing up straight, shoulders back, and head high.  In fact, this is something anyone can do to act the part.

“Pay attention to your posture.”

And lastly, Theroux says whether it’s in good taste or bad, stars are usually particular about their attire.  That too says a lot about a person.

“They know how to wear their clothes–it suits their personality.”

So if you’re out and about this All Star weekend, look at things in a whole new light–you’re sure to see many Valley-visiting stars shining very bright.

For more information about Julie Theroux’s practice, visit:

Cindy Anthony “I Searched For Chloroform” Body Language Reveals She Is A Secret Keeper

June 23, 2011

Cindy Anthony took the stand today for the defense in the trial of her daughter, Casey Anthony.  Cindy claimed that she is the one who searched for the term “chloroform” on their home computer.  But,  every time she made that statement, she would turn her lips completely in (see below).  When the lips turn completely in, and are no longer visible, that means this person has a secret.  It means they are not telling you something and they are lying by omission.  It also could mean that the person wants to tell you something, but they can’t due to circumstances.  Pay attention to that expression the next time someone tries to sell you something, or you are interviewing a candidate.

If you want to know what this expression means, turn your own lips completely in now.  How does that make you feel?

Cindy Anthony turned her lips in after she said, "I searched for chloroform." She subconsciously made this expression every time she said that statement

Other famous secret keepers:

James Arthur Ray not allowed to speak at his bond hearing

Scott Peterson lied about killing his wife, Lacy

Mark Furman took the Fifth in the O.J. Simpson trial

O.J. Simpson tried to cover his tracks

Darlie Routier told to keep quiet during her trial for killing her two children

© 2011 Julie Theroux, All Rights Reserved.

Face Reader Talks Casey Anthony Trial Testimony

June 2, 2011

Watch the VIDEO HERE:  www.myfoxphoenix,com

Updated: Thursday, 02 Jun 2011, 7:49 AM MST
Published : Thursday, 02 Jun 2011, 7:49 AM MST

Cindy Anthony testified on the stand Wednesday in the murder trial of her daughter.

The video shows that she looked down four times as she answered questioning.

Do you think that means anything?

Julie Theroux is an expert face reader, and she talks to FOX 10 about the testimony.

Face Reading
“Beginning Face Reading”


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