KPHO 5 News: Body Language Exert Analyzes Cain/Bialek Statements

November 14, 2011


Updated: Monday, 14 Nov 2011, 5:20 AM MST
Published : Monday, 14 Nov 2011, 5:20 AM MST

PHOENIX:   Julie Theroux, a body language expert, gave her opinion on who she thinks is telling the truth – Herman Cain or Sharon Bialek.


Herman Cain’s body language analysis:  

Herman Cain denied Bialek’s accusations at a press conference in Phoenix.   He showed signs of stress, annoyance and frustration, but he was not being deceptive in his statement.   He had normal eye contact and connected with the audience, he spoke smoothly and confidently, his voice didn’t waiver.  He held his palms up, indicating he  didn’t have anything to hide. His lip licking was a stress signal.  Other nonverbal signs of stress and anger were his clenched fists, increased blink rate and pushing his hands outward in response to a reporters question.

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