Sharon Bialek Using Her Hair To Cover Up?

November 8, 2011

Prior to the press conference when Sharon Bialek accused Herman Cain of unwanted sexual advances, a reporter asked Sharon Bialek to brush her hair back and uncover the left side her face.  She said no, she just had her hair done.  Her hair covered most of the left side of her face.

In face reading, the left side of a person’s face reveals information about one’s personal life and personal relationships.   It is known as your personal side.  The right side of the face is your business side.  Using her hair to cover the left side of her face , especially her eye, means she is attempting to hide her personal side.  Her body language in this video, also shows she is concealing something.  Herman Cain’s statement of denial was analyzed by a voice lie detector software program in this article from CBS Atlanta, and the results were “he’s being truthful, totally truthful”.  The article goes on to say that Sharon Bialek’s analysis showed she was not telling the truth.

After listening to her statement and watching her body language,  it’s obvious this one-eyed fabulist has her one business eye set on exploiting her fifteen minutes.

Herman Cain Accuser Sharon Bialek, Body Language Analysis

November 8, 2011

In a press conference Monday, Sharon Bialek said that after a dinner meeting in 1997, Herman Cain put his hand under her skirt and pushed her head toward his crotch.  Herman Cain denies the accusation.  Who is telling the truth in this “he said, she said” situation?

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